1. Water Tank Sanitary Inspections

Comply with New York City DOH requirements for water tank sanitary inspections, cleanings, and reporting.

2. Water Tank Reporting

Download water tank cleaning certificates, sanitary inspection reports, and water quality test results.

3. Water Tank Monitoring

Connect water tanks for real-time water temperature, level and conductivity monitoring and alerts.

Tank Monitoring

  1. Track daily water temperature.
  2. Receive high and low level tank alerts by email or text.
  3. Track conductivity of water.

Simple and Secure Data Access


Text Your Tank

Text your tank to get immediate data without an app.


View Dashboards On Any Device

Monitor all of your tanks by building or across a portfolio. Add unlimited staff, and get alerts by email or text.


Reduce Operating Costs

Track water levels, water quality, and water temperature from anywhere at anytime.

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Reduce Maintenance Costs

Reduce time spent worrying about your water tank so building staff is deployed more efficiently.

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Maximize Savings

Engage tenants in saving water. Help everyone understand their consumption.

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